How far are you prepared to go for a sustainable planet? Join for all or part of this large, international journey that goes all the way from the pilgrim city of Vadstena to the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow. A united resistance movement as well as an inner pilgrimage providing time for deep thinking and reflection upon the lives we lead. An urgent march of gravity and hope!


Pilgrim's Walk for Future is an enormous event spanning 2,000 km. For 100 days, a core group of pilgrims will lead a walk through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The journey over waterways will take place by sailboat. All are welcome to participate by creating their own walking cohort and keeping in digital contact with the lead group throughout the journey’s 17 weeks.

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From Hamburg, the lead group will cheat a bit and take a train to Münster to join the European hike "Geht doch!" and continue on through the Netherlands. Once in Amsterdam, they set sail across the English Channel to Holy Island, and from there walk the final leg to Glasgow and the COP26 climate summit.

FromVadstena to Glasgow


Many of us want to make this pilgrimage for the climate! The interest in the march to Glasgow has exceeded all our expectations. At the same time, the pandemic has not released its grip on us. For those of us who love challenges, the growing engagement in Pilgrim's Walk for Future has been an exciting nut to crack! Especially since conditions don’t seem to be lightening up this summer, due to slow vaccination rates and tighter restrictions to protect everyone’s health. Here is what our Corona strategy looks like:


Small groups of eight

 Whether you plan to hike as an individual, have started planning a Walk for Future with friends, or perhaps have organized a climate walk in your local parish this summer, we have created opportunities for all of you to participate in close and engaging ways, no matter where you are. As the current restrictions limit public gatherings to 8 people, we urge everyone to cluster together into pods with a maximum of 8 people.


The core group carries the message

 On our website walkforfuture.se, Youtube channel, Facebook page and Instagram, you will be able to follow the core group of eight, with Annika Spalde at the helm, who will walk the entire stretch from Vadstena to Glasgow with the message*. On Monday, July 19 at 9:00 AM, the monastery church bells in Vadstena will signal that the walk is in under way. When the core group of eight then takes their first steps towards Glasgow, they become the vanguard leading our way while at the same time supporting all of the small groups walking throughout Sweden with daily Zoom meetings, inspirational videos and recommendations of other exciting travelers to follow digitally during our own walks. For 17 weeks, the lead group will assist everyone who has organized walks with daily content and a strong sense of community. No matter when, how long or how short your walk, it will always be possible to plug into what the lead group is doing.



On the website you will find lots of tools for use on both the inner and outer journey. For example, we will publish reflections every week for 17 weeks. Here you will also find tips and ideas on how you can make personal adjustments to achieve a more sustainable life. One of the many ways is through the #walkforfuture campaign. There is also a Pilgrim’s Walk for Future handbook (Swedish), produced specifically for the hike, that you can order at a low cost. With this book you can follow the same daily prayers that the core troupe will use.


Follow the core group along St. Birgitta Ways, or why not make your Walk for Future through the mountains!


One option is to walk the same path as Annika Spalde. Detailed information about the St. Birgitta Ways daily stages down to Hamburg will be presented on the website. There you can find suggestions on where to spend the night, camp, swim and stock up on provisions. Even after Hamburg, there will be links with useful information for those who want to walk all the way to Glasgow. Alternatively, you can just as easily head to the mountains or do one day on your favorite trail near home.


Every day follows a special pilgrimage rhythm

In order to feel connected to everyone walking at the same time in different locations, and for your small cohort to be able to participate LIVE in all the digital broadcasts from the core troupe, we will have an established rhythm for every day. Monday through Saturday are hiking days and follow the same rhythm. Fridays look a little different as we join Fridays for Future, and Sundays are rest days.




08:30 Morning prayer

 (Broadcast LIVE via Pilgrimcenrum’s Youtube channel and via Facebook)


09:00 The day’s hike begins

 (Before we start walking, Annika sends a LIVE greeting for the day via Pilgrimcentrum's Facebook page. These greetings will sometimes include people we meet along the way who inspire us to lead sustainable lives.)


20:30 Evening prayer

Broadcast LIVE via Pilgrimcentrum's Youtube channel



Make your walk visible to everyone!

 You can register your walk at www.walkforfuture.se. You can also contact us if you have questions or want help finding fellow pilgrims for your journey. By registering your walk, it will be visible on our campaign page, and the steps you take for the climate will be added to a counter that will add up how many steps we have all taken jointly for the climate.


What happens if the restrictions are lifted and we all get to walk together?

Then we rejoice! Anyone who wants to can then walk in tandem with the lead group and their guide Annika. Just keep in mind that you still have to arrange food and accommodation for your group. There will certainly be many occasions when we can cook food for everyone and live under the same roof, but we can’t make any promises.


* The message contains ACT and Fridays for Future’s demands for world leaders as well as direct calls for each of us to live sustainable lives.


** On Fridays we always connect with the local Fridays for Future events taking place where we are. Where no such events already exist, we organize our own Fridays for Futures actions.


We are part of a larger movement! Find all the Walk for Future events that are being organized around Sweden and the rest of the world on FFF's global map, marked under the category "Walk for Future”. Maybe there’s an opportunity to join a climate walk near you!

Post your "Walk for Future"
on FFF's Map of Actions!

Now you can arrange your own Walk for Future together with your family, your class, your workplace, your parish, or why not even your football team! Here you’ll find guidance on how to easily create and share your own Pilgrim's Walk for Future on what may be the world's largest digital map of climate engagement!


Climate change is the existential issue of our time. Entire ecosystems are in danger of collapsing and even today the consequences are sparking conflicts and displacing people from their homes. The ones who contribute the least to climate change are the ones who suffer the most.


ACT Church of Sweden (ACT Svenska Kyrkan) contributes to Pilgrim's Walk for Future in many different ways. Principally with our petition, but also with volunteers for all the walks arranged throughout Sweden. In addition, ACT Church of Sweden helps amplify the voices of international figures like Patricia Mungcal who encourage us all to act for climate justice now!


Read more about ACT Church of Sweden, sign the petition and find out how to become an ACT volunteer for climate justice!

Read more about ACT Church of Sweden, sign the petition and find out how to become an ACT volunteer for climate justice!



The Church of Sweden has decided on a climate roadmap(In Swedish). Pilgrim's Walk for Future is part of this. Vadstena Pilgrimscentrum, a.k.a. the Linköping diocese, together with the Växjö and Lund diocese, has been commissioned to organize the walk.

We’re working with many others!