Create your own
Pilgrim's Walk for Future

Now it's your turn! Start a Pilgrim's Walk for Future in your town, with a group of friends or in your congregation. Or how about with your family! Regardless of size or distance, your Walk for Future is a way to begin your own personal journey towards a more sustainable life. At the same time, you’ll be helping to spread our message.


It's easy to arrange your own Pilgrim's Walk for Future. All you really need to do is stand with our message and download and use our logo on posters and social media. Then you're up and running.


But in order for your walk to be a clear part of this broad movement, we’d like you to go through these four steps:

Four Simple Steps

1. Create a Facebook event called "Walk for Future".

Then register your event on FFF's "Map of Actions".

Guide for how to register can be found here >>


2. Awaken your environmental commitment.

We’ve developed a whole toolbox with tips on how to plan and carry out a Pilgrim's Walk for Future. Both practical advice for your trek [OR: hike/walk] and also tools for your inner journey towards a more sustainable life.

To the toolbox >>


3. Stay connected!

We encourage each independent group to register on our website. As participants, you will receive regular information from our organizers and you’ll be invited to the daily digital events that we arrange during the pilgrimage period of 19 July - 14 November 2021. Unfortunately only in Swedish so far.



4. After your walk – don’t forget to report your steps every day!

Pilgrim's Walk for Future has developed a pedometer that shows how many steps we have collectively taken for the climate. Group leaders can report the number of kilometers you’ve walked and how many people participated. To the pedometer >>


And you ... Don’t forget to adhere to current restrictions in effect during the pandemic. Stay safe and good luck!